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October 2021 Updates

For the last few months we have been working on large scale platform updates that will improve your user experience and provide much more in depth and fast ancestry analyses. Most of the known issues that our customers had also dealt with. Here is the brief overview of what has changed… 

#1 New UI


We re-designed everything from scratch and organized the modules for better and faster experience. Additionally, we put “dark mode” option for those who prefer to use their apps with dark themes.

Dark mode


#2 On the fly calculations


 With our new “centralized” system your results will always be up to date. Once a new sample is added to the database, it’ll be reflected on to your results immediately. You’ll get a notification whenever this happens.

#3 More interactivity and consistency


Ancestry Breakdown section is now (for the most part) in your hands. With 30+ regions and near 60 pre-made models, you can switch between regions that represents your (or your relatives’) ethno-geogprahical background the best and see the differences/similarities between your kits in a much more easier and consistent way.

On top this, you can now increase the number of populations/samples/models in “Closest Populations” and “Mixed Mode” modules up to 50 unit.

Ancestry Breakdown

Population sliders


#4 PCA Plots


We now added various PCA views based on different regions all over the world so you can get a better insight of your genetic profile and see how you cluster with ancient and modern populations of your region.


#5 Credit/debit card support


With the Stripe gateway we implemented, you can now easily and securely make your payments by using your credit or debit card in minutes.

Much more… 


Join us now and get all the benefits of cutting edge scientific tools to learn about your genetic heritage!

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