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Global25 is a PCA-based tool used to estimate ancestry proportions and genetic distances. It can also be considered a library of ancient and modern populations. Sign up and receive your own coordinates now. 

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samples we use.

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Based on your ethnic background information, we select most suitable samples that will represent your genetic structure as accurate as possible.

Overview Of Ancient Samples

features we provide.

1. Genetic Modellings​​

2. Genetic Proximities​

3. Mixed Mode​

Based on ancient DNA samples from Bronze Age to Middle Ages, we divide our models into 2 periods so you can better see the layers of your genetic composition. 

Find out which modern and ancient populations you are genetically closest to.

Get more insights about your DNA with our unsupervised genetic modelling algorithm that models your genetic profile with 2 and 3 best fitting ancient and modern populations. 

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After you created an account you will be redirected to the orders page where you can select a package that is suitable to you. Follow the steps, upload your file(s), provide necessary informations about your ethnic background and complete your purchase.

When will I receive my results?

It usually takes 10 business days for us to process your results. Once it is done, you will be notified by a mail. Your results will be available under the Username > My Results link on the top right of the site’s menu.

From which companies do you accept raw data?

We accept raw data file(s) from FTDNA (Build 37 Concatenated), 23andme, Ancestry DNA, My Heritage and Living DNA.

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